About Us

We are a group that are “Built by Founders, for Founders”


Oct 2017


Oct 2017


June 2021

Our Vision

“Bringing together a group of highly experienced and on-the-ground entrepreneurs that share the passion to find, invest in, and nurture promising startup companies to become the next unicorns of Vietnam.”

We are a passionate group of serial entrepreneurs, professional investors, and business leaders. Having realized the difficulties of investing as individuals, we set up our first Venture Capital fund in 2017 to find, invest in, and support early-stage and Vietnam-connected startups.


angel investing

Angel Investing

Fill the Seed to Pre-Series A funding gap, invest in, and support startups with innovative business model leveraging technology and data.

advising and supporting

Advising & Supporting

Utilize our multi-disciplinary experience and network to give well-rounded advice and support in fundraising, finance, operation, and recruitment.

active network of angels

Active Network of Angels

Create an active network of angel investors and produce superior financial returns for them by investing in a compelling, focused investment thesis.

Active network of angels

Our combined network of CEOs, Partners, and Serial Entrepreneurs, is our most valuable resource, giving us unparalleled possibilities to find, invest and support raising startup. We also produce superior financial returns for them by investing in a compelling, focused investment thesis.

VIC Partners consists of 20+ Partners, each has his/her own network dynamics in numerous sectors.

how we do

How we do

  • We meticulously choose founding teams that we can trust and play a significant role in helping the company get to the next level.

  • We roll up our sleeves and assist founders as much as we can in key areas in early stages, including capital raising, market penetration strategies, recruiting, and product development.

Our investment strategies

what set us apart

What set us apart

  • Operating and fundraising experience

  • Power of a group of successful entrepreneurs and key leaders in various industries

  • Growth mindset with innovative approaches.